Introducing the all new APROL EnMon from B&R Automation

The most powerful and easy to use solution yet, the APROL EnMon allows you to monitor your energy consumption levels to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Use the APROL EnMon as a standalone solution, or a fully integrated solution to meet your individual needs. 

The pre-installed software includes Engineering and Operator software and can be easily and fully integrated into any automation solutions. As a result of implementing the use of APROL EnMon you are guaranteed to increase efficiency while considerably reducing costs. 

This unique and powerful solution is usable within any industry and provides maximum flexibility with least cost and effort. This means ultimate Scalability, which gives you maximum Investment Protection. The APROL EnMon is extremely user friendly and accessible via any standard web browser. 

By integrating the use of APROL EnMon, you can determine where and how the energy is being used. Once this is clear, you can then modify your energy consumption, enabling you to allocate costs effectively. This in turn results in cost reduction as you can locate the unnecessary costs and cut them. 

Here is how APROL EnMon can be integrated into any industry:

Meaurement, logging and evaluation
ISO 50001 is a global standard that applies to all industires. APROL EnMon is B&R's solution for measuring, recording and evaluating all relevant energy usage and to provide optimal support for the continuous improvement of processes.

Standalone or fully integrated
Because APROL EnMon is a standalone solution, it can be integrated into existing automation solutions at any time, without risk. 

Factory Automation
In Factory Automation, energy data from individual machines is required and is made available over various interfaces. Other energy data is measured using additional transmitters 
and collected using remote I/O channels in a separate energy monitoring system.

Infrastructure Automation
For users such as energy contractors, the standalone solution is the best way forward as it doesn't require intervening in existing systems and, adjusments and modifications to the existing system are not necessary.

Process Control
Most existing process control systems already have several locations where energy is measured. The energu data is then connected via specified interfaces and processed in a separate energy monitoring system. This way, the existing process control system configuration remains unchanged.

Plant Automation 
For mid-sized systems typical of plant automation, addinf a controller to the existing system for energy monitoring makes sure that tasks are kept separate. Direct processing the energy data in an existing APROL system is an effective way to minimize investment costs.

Out-of-the-box and ready to go!
Once out of the box, simply configure APROL EnMon to your individual needs and it is ready to use with minimal cost and effort. Not only does it simplify implementation of energy management, but it ensures that no information is missed, giving you peace of mind and certainty.

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