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Press Release - Migration from OPC Classic to OPC UA – Effectively and Smoothly

Press Release - Migration from OPC Classic to OPC UA – Effectively and Smoothly 21 май 2013

Softing's OPC UA .NET Development Toolkits V1.10 now include backwards compatibility with OPC Classic applications and offer an attractive licensing model for the development of OPC UA software applications.
Users who plan to migrate from OPC Classic to OPC UA now have the possibility to develop OPC UA .NET clients and servers with Softing’s OPC UA .NET Toolkits V1.10, which communicate with the existing legacy OPC COM DA clients and servers. The investment is secured by Softing’s attractive licensing model which already includes the license entitlement to any number of OPC UA software applications developed with the toolkits.

The software package is accompanied with programming sample applications and comprehensive documentation which guarantees a smooth integration of the UA based products into existing OPC Classic installations. A fully functional, limited runtime trial version as well as a detailed release note can be downloaded.

For more than 15 years Softing has been a major supplier of OPC Development Toolkits to developers of OPC clients and servers around the world. The Softing OPC portfolio includes 18 variants of OPC Development Toolkits. Among them are OPC Classic Toolkits covering Data Access, Alarms & Events and XML-DA for Windows and Linux as well as Unified Architecture Toolkits for Windows in C++ and .NET and for Linux and VxWorks in C++.

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