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Hirschmann™ New Spider PoE Injector

Hirschmann™ New Spider PoE Injector 05 фев 2014

New Hirschmann™ SPIDER Giga 2 TX PoE EEC 


  • Cost effective power supply
  • Power over Ethernet using standard switches
  • No need for separate power supply
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Ideal for use in demanding Industrial environments

The new PoE injector, the SPIDER Giga 2TX PoE EEC, allows networks to be equipped with Power over Ethernet functionality without having to replace a single standard switch. More importantly, there is no need for separate power supplies or to install sockets and power lines – as would otherwise be the case. In short, this solution is practical and cost-effective.

The PoE injector offers the best possible guarantee for future expansion. This is because it supports the PoE+ standard (up to 30 W in accordance with IEEE802.3at) and gigabit speed. In addition, the small form factor features an extremely robust design and an extended operating temperature range.

This means the SPIDER Giga 2TX PoE EEC is ideal for use in demanding industrial environments. Numerous industries can benefit from this small form factor PoE injector, from mechanical and plant engineering, robotics and material handling applications to renewable energy, transportation and security technology. 

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