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New T8000 Touch Screen Thermostat from Johnson Controls

New T8000 Touch Screen Thermostat from Johnson Controls 10 фев 2014

Highlight Features:

-Touch Screen
-Easy to use
-Real time control
-Energy saving --No batteries
-EEPRON retains last events and parameter settings after a loss of power

Johnson Controls' new Touch Screen Thermostat is designed to control heating, cooling and year round air conditioning unit in Commercial, Industrial and/or Residential Installation. Applications include:

-Control of fan coil units 
-Packaged terminal air conditioners and; 
-Combination of heating and cooling equipment

As part of the system, the T8000 controls a two-way or three-way valve and a multi-speed line voltage fan. The convenient touch screen thermostat is applicable to the two-in-one system of central air-conditioner and floor heating. In summer, comfortable environment is reached by controlling the fan coil of air conditioning system with local temperature. In winter, both warm air from air-conditioner and floor heating are available for quick heating. The T8000 featres Microcomputer control, large LCD screen display, fan display, indoor temperature and set temperature etc.

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