We offer complete portfolio for Industrial Automation and Industrial Networking based on the products of our International Partners.

Industrial PC

  • Automation PC 510

    Automation PC 510

    A PC with the dimensions of a book

    The APC510 builds on the proven design of the Automation PC series. Its compact dimensions and minimal footprint mean that it requires very little space in the control cabinet. The CompactFlash slot, CMOS battery as well as the power and reset buttons are easily accessible behind the front cover.

  • Automation PC 511

    Automation PC 511

    Fully-equipped PC system with only 6.5 cm depth

    The APC511 is the optimal solution whenever flush mounting is required. With a minimum installation depth of only 63.25 mm, you can have the advantages of a complete PC system even in extremely tight spaces.

  • Automation PC 810

    Automation PC 810

    Reliability for many years

    The APC810 and high-performance Core™ 2 Duo processors ensure that automation and visualization systems run optimally.

  • Automation PC 820

    Automation PC 820

    The PC in a drive

    The APC820 integrates PC performance into ACOPOSmulti. This allows the user to save even more space in the control cabinet by freeing up space that would otherwise be taken up by the the PC.

  • Automation PC 910

    Automation PC 910

    In the fast lane with the Automation PC 910

    The Automation PC 910 offers maximum computing power for the most complex tasks, such as sophisticated machine vision systems. It is based on 3rd generation Core™ i-series processors – the new benchmark for top-performing PC architectures.

  • Automation Panel 800

    Automation Panel 800

    Flexible display units

    Fully enclosed Automation Panel 800 display units provide maximum flexibility. Mounting on swing arm systems allows the operator panel to be placed at the most ergonomically convenient position – a decisive advantage for comfortable operation of the machine.


  • Automation Panel 900

    Automation Panel 900

    Many variations

    Flexible display units with modular transfer technology for optimal machine visualization.

  • Panel PC 300

    Panel PC 300

    Compact expansion

    The Panel PC 300 expands the Automation Panel 900 devices to make them embedded PCs. The Panel PC insert contains a complete PC design, based on a 500 MHz processor.

  • Panel PC 725

    Panel PC 725

    Robust and well-protected

    The Panel PC 725 is designed exclusively for operation in the field. Built with IP65 protection from all sides, it can easily handle splashed water, impacts and vibrations.

  • Panel PC 800

    Panel PC 800

    Perfect modularity

    High-performance, optimized Panel PC with many additional options.

  • Power Panel 300

    Power Panel 300

    Integrated control, operation and visualization

    Compact and intelligent Power Panel devices are the first choice for automating small to mid-sized machines and systems with maximum component density.

  • Power Panel 500

    Power Panel 500

    Panels with the performance of an industrial PC

    The new Power Panel 500 series with Intel® Atom™ architecture advances into areas that were previously only handled by industrial PCs.

Corporate partners

C3 Automation has been an Exclusive Distributor in GCC and System Integrator for most known big companies in the area of Industrial Automation and Networking. We provide total integrated solutions based on the products of our international partners and we assure that you always have the latest and best solution for your business needs with reasonable cost. Our products and solutions are based on the following companies.

  • br
  • schnider
  • flucon
  • softing
  • hirschmann
  • technilab
  • startech
  • johnson