We offer complete portfolio for Industrial Automation and Industrial Networking based on the products of our International Partners.

Control Systems

  • X20 System

    X20 System

    Slice-based I/O and control system

    There are many different I/O slice systems. With the X20 System, B&R is setting new standards according to the motto "Perfection in Automation". Born from experience gained from applications all over the world, numerous conversations with customers, and with the aim for more simple, economical and secure usage, the X20 System is the new universal solution for any automation task in machine and system manufacturing.

  • System 2003

    System 2003

    System 2003

    Compact controllers, remote I/O

    The B&R System 2003 can be used to handle applications ranging from remote I/O systems to powerful PLCs. Shorter response times and problem-free system expansion using a fieldbus distinguish this compact system. The modular system design and versatile screw-in modules allow a connection to be made to nearly any sensor and actuator.

    The B&R System 2003 can be used as both a universal controller system as well as a remote I/O system for expansion of industrial PCs and controllers from all B&R system families. Distributed controller systems can also be implemented. Many different interfaces for fieldbus systems and networks guarantee trouble-free communication.

  • System 2005

    System 2005

    System 2005

    Embedded PC-based automation

    Flexible machine control with specific technology functions, high performance, and enormous bandwidth for input and output. Scalable processor power, versatile communication interfaces, technology modules, and module system expansions distinguish this controller family.

  • Power Panel

    Power Panel

    Power Panel

    Integrated control, operation and visualization

    Compact and intelligent Power Panel devices are the first choice for automating small to mid-sized machines and systems with maximum component density.


    Universal application

    Power Panel 300 devices with BIOS are set up for use with Windows® CE or Windows® XP Embedded. This allows these devices to be used universally with standard SCADA packages as Web terminals or thin clients.

    Integrating control and motion technology

    Power Panel 400 devices integrate both control and drive technology. The devices are equipped with up to two slots for interface modules. CAN bus, X2X Link or POWERLINK connections are supported.

    Programming with Automation Studio™

    Automation Studio™ handles uniform configuration and programming of the controller and visualization. Combining a Power Panel 300 and 400 in terminal mode allows an even higher degree of freedom. For example, a Power Panel 400 located on one side of the machine can handle all the control and visualization tasks, while a Power Panel 300 on the other side of the machine can manage a second visualization application.

    Display variety

    Models ranging from 5.7" QVGA to 15" XGA can meet all of the demands of series machine manufacturing.

    Robust and suitable for everyday use

    During development, all of the demands of tough industrial environments were taken into consideration. All Power Panel devices can be operated without fans. The proven CompactFlash is used for storage. This allows the Power Panel to be operated completely without rotating parts, giving it the power to withstand the strongest vibrations.

Corporate partners

C3 Automation has been an Exclusive Distributor in GCC and System Integrator for most known big companies in the area of Industrial Automation and Networking. We provide total integrated solutions based on the products of our international partners and we assure that you always have the latest and best solution for your business needs with reasonable cost. Our products and solutions are based on the following companies.

  • br
  • schnider
  • flucon
  • softing
  • hirschmann
  • technilab
  • startech
  • johnson