We offer complete portfolio for Industrial Automation and Industrial Networking based on the products of our International Partners.

Accutech Wireless Sensors

  • Pressure Sensors

    Pressure Sensors

    The Accutech product line includes pressure measurement field devices that can accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications that need to monitor gauge, absolute or differential pressure.

  • Level Sensors

    Level Sensors

    The Accutech product line includes liquid level sensors that can accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications. Both hydrostatic pressure measurement and float level products are offered.

  • Temperature Sensors

    Temperature Sensors

    Accutech provides both thermocouple and RTD sensors in a full range of sensor types and probe lengths for any challenging industrial process application. These products are available in a standard integrated temperature sensor configuration or a remote sensor option that allows for two temperature sensors per field unit (TC only) and easy replacement in the field.

  • Base Radios

    Base Radios

    The Accutech BR10 is the explosion proof version of our base radio, offering easy installation in Class I, Div 1 / Zone 1 hazardous environments. It automatically communicates with all deployed field units attached to it in a local area star network and makes the field data available to an existing SCADA network or host system through serial Modbus.

  • Multi Input

    Multi Input

    Flexible and economical, Accutech’s line of wireless sensor field units include analog and discrete I/O products for monitoring 4-20mA signals and switch input/outputs


  • Flow Measurement

    Flow Measurement

    It used to measure gas or liquid flow using turbine meter inputs in any application which is difficult to install or hard to reach. The unit provides an intrinsically safe solution to flow monitoring for installation in hazardous environments.

  • Acoustic Monitor

    Acoustic Monitor

    The Accutech AM20 acoustic monitor is a wireless field device designed to detect leaks or venting status in any high pressure gas process. The unit is easy to install and configure and is specially designed to detect acoustic energy within process piping.

Corporate partners

C3 Automation has been an Exclusive Distributor in GCC and System Integrator for most known big companies in the area of Industrial Automation and Networking. We provide total integrated solutions based on the products of our international partners and we assure that you always have the latest and best solution for your business needs with reasonable cost. Our products and solutions are based on the following companies.

  • br
  • schnider
  • flucon
  • softing
  • hirschmann
  • technilab
  • startech
  • johnson