We offer complete portfolio for Industrial Automation and Industrial Networking based on the products of our International Partners.

Level Sensors

  • GL10 Gauge Level

    GL10 Gauge Level

    The Accutech GL10 wireless gauge level field unit is designed to measure hydrostatic level in a vented tank and is equipped with an optional remote sensor allowing for more advantageous positioning of the wireless transceiver without compromising the sensor’s measurement accuracy. Specific gravity correction and multiple units of level measurement…

  • SL10 Submersible Level

    SL10 Submersible Level

    The Accutech SL10 wireless submersible level field unit measures hydrostatic level in a vented tank or well. The sensor is cable-mounted and submersed in the liquid. Specific gravity correction and all common level units of measure are supported. Pressure Ranges: 5, 10, 15 and 30 PSIG.    Secure, license-free, spread-spectrum technology   …

  • FL10 Float Level

    FL10 Float Level

    The Accutech FL10 wireless float level field unit interfaces with Siemens 1000 and 2100 series digital level sensors, both are sold separately and are available through Schneider TRSS. Depth ranges from 4ft to 30ft.    Secure, license-free, spread-spectrum technology    Push button LCD interface for configuration and display    Single level or interface…

Corporate partners

C3 Automation has been an Exclusive Distributor in GCC and System Integrator for most known big companies in the area of Industrial Automation and Networking. We provide total integrated solutions based on the products of our international partners and we assure that you always have the latest and best solution for your business needs with reasonable cost. Our products and solutions are based on the following companies.

  • br
  • schnider
  • flucon
  • softing
  • hirschmann
  • technilab
  • startech
  • johnson