Post on : 24 September 2020

Working staff with no health Issues - C3automation

The modern century is blessed with many things that mankind cannot imagine just decades ago, the technology has facilitated us in the domain of healthcare, industries, education and transportation etc.


Post on : 14 September 2020

Recognition of most personal and public thing

This is all about the cognitive process of machine to recognize and identify the very weird combination of this utmost public and private stuff called human faces, this machine cognition is brilliantly recognize he identity, the emotions and location as well.


Post on : 08 August 2020

How Can IoT Enhance Your Business Operations?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is basically a network of Things (physical objects) that makes use of various sensors to collect and exchange data over the internet.


Post on : 29 July 2020

Automation and Security - Key Concerns for Modern Industrial Environment

The world in the twenty-first century is a very different place because everything is connected by a network of technology. The impact of technology is readily visible in all spheres of life.


Post on : 07 July 2020

What Factors Make Automation Even More Important In Today's World?

Change is always good and must be embraced. If you look at the world today, it is very different from what it used to be since last year. One small virus has changed almost everything.


Post on : 22nd May 2020

How Can Automation Companies Benefit Your Business in Dubai?

Robotic process automation is the new-age revolution that has made businesses expect a future they had never imagined. It is being adopted in almost all the industries all over the world. However, there might be some of you still thinking whether it is worth an investment.